Veja – la basket éthique!

UPDATE! AW17 we have more baskets for you!

Veja est une collection de sneakers issue du commerce equitable et produite dans le respect environnementale avec du caoutchouc naturel et du cuir au tannage vegetale.

We bring you the eco friendly VEJA basket,  fairly traded and sustainable, using natural rubber from Brazil.

“The Amazonian rubber tappers live in the forest and harvest from the trees. The rubber is then used in the soles of Veja trainers.

The rubber tappers use a new technology developed by Professor Floriano Pastore of the University of Brasilia.

This process, called FDL (Folha Desfumada Liquida – Liquid Smoked Sheet) allows the rubber tappers to transform latex into rubber sheets, without any industrial intermediary processes.

The sheets of rubber are then directly sent to the factory and shaped into soles.

This technology permits the Seringueiros to sell semi-finished products and receive a higher income.”

The models in store are shown below -> shop online via UPTOWN:

veja men's baskets 17

VEJA HOLIDAY BLEND PETROL BLUE & SILVER BASKETSVEJA HOLIDAY J-MESH ROCK OLIVE BASKETS holiday-jmesh-rock-grafiteVeja Holiday J-Mesh Rock Graphite basketsholiday-jmesh-rock-grafite (1)holiday-jmesh-rock-grafite (2)holiday-jmesh-rock-grafite VEJA HOLIDAY J-MESH ROCK GRAPHITE BASKETS

veja men's baskets 17-18


More info on VEJA here:


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