T-shirts et débardeurs Pâquis Beach and Keep Calm –
 tailles et couleurs au choix!! Aussi sur commande au magasin
32 rue de Monthoux, Pâquis.

New! Our own original design t-shirts and singlets.

All sizes and many colours to order in the shop, 32 rue de Monthoux, Pâquis.

Our t-shirts & singlets are from suppliers that abide by corporate social responsibility codes and environmental standards: American Apparel and B&C (who require independent annual audits of the factories to make sure that the requisite standards are respected, undertaken with Fairwear). Thus we bring you a choice to be responsible in your purchases. More info on our menswear here.


Exclusive & original. Palm tree by Christophe @ DOWNTOWN! Seahorse and anchor designs by Samantha from Australia.


tshirt-vitrine-shop-background tshirt-uptown-downtown

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12 thoughts on “Tshirts”

  1. Salut petite question, le t-shirt paquis beach a combien est il ? et est-ce le même prix si on choisi nos couleurs ?

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