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Geneva Motor Show 2017 review: Best Vintage / Second Hand in Geneva!

From the 2017 Motor Show review:

Best Vintage / Second Hand -> Downtown (for men) and Uptown (for women)

Want to combine high end luxury clothing and accessories with a real sense of ethic and fair trade?

Meet Giji and Christophe at Downtown/Uptown. You will find a treasure and never feel guilty about it.

Magic, isn’t it?

-> 32 rue de Monthoux, 1201 Genève (parking at the Kempinski Hotel)

(Mrs Uptown in a Morgan!)

Mrs Uptown in a Morgan!

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Sailing? Windy? We have just the thing for you!

Pair your Paquis Beach T from DOWNTOWN, with a Stutterheim imper and an Armani cap. All with social responsibility. Perfect.




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Keep Calm and Go Downtown

Keep Calm and Go Downtown Paquis. Which luckily, you can also wear on your chest. Available @ 21 rue de Monthoux Paquis (behind the Kempinski – easy to get to from rue de Rhone, take the M1 boat from Molard) www.downtowngeneve.com/tshirts/

All sizes and colours. Also to order.


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aaargh It’s nearly Monday! #KeepCalm and Go Downtown

(or it now is) But it is ok… Keep Calm and Go Downtown Paquis. (Which luckily, you can also wear on your chest. Available @ www.downtowngeneve.com/tshirts/ )


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Paquis Beach and Keep Calm Go Downtown

Nouveaux t-shirts et débardeurs Pâquis Beach and Keep Calm – dans toutes les tailles; couleurs et motifs au choix!! Aussi sur commande.

New! Our own design t-shirts and singlets. Just in. All sizes and many colours. Also to order – see our tshirt page.


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Vendez vos vêtements & gagnez de l’argent!

Vous avez des vêtements et des chaussures pour hommes (de qualité, en bon état, de marque ou Vintage), que vous ne portez pas ou plus? Vous avez des sacs et des accessoires (hommes et femmes) de qualité que vous n’utilisez pas?

Ils sont au fond d’un placard ou d’un grenier et vous ne savez pas quoi en faire?

DOWNTOWN vous propose de les mettre en vente et ainsi vous permet de gagner de l’argent! (voir conditions)

(Come and sell your 2nd hand clothes of good quality and gain money!)

Alors…. venez vite! au coeur du quartier de Paquis, près du Kempinski Hotel (21 rue de Monthoux).


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Geneva’s new secret… à DOWNTOWN

A unique vintage, 2nd hand & distinctive new pieces shop in Paquis “Something Geneva’s needed for a longtime!” (customer in our store on Saturday 2 Feb). We also promote CSR/RSE. Come and see for yourself….

We have, nous avons:

Pantalons, jeans (April77 – notre marque “cruelty free”), chinos – grand choix. Venez-voir. …….. Pants, jeans, chinos – large choice of styles & colours. -50% clearance!


Et du notre selection de deuxième main de qualité….  And from our collection of quality 2nd hand:


Addison manteau. Anthracite, col velour. T52. 20140203_addison&zileri

Peak Performance parka. Bleu/gris. T48.


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Pulls just in…..large selection – Ralph Lauren, Piacenza & more!

Quality 2nd hand/deuxième main pulls ( also new stock of Xagon; Penfield; Lyle & Scott)


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Gucci vest – luxury and CSR!

Gucci veste velour cotelé. Marron. T50:


(see Gucci’s corporate social responsibility here: http://www.gucci.com/ch/about/show )

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Quality jackets – more in store!

Moncler doudoune. Noire. TXL:

photo 1

Barbour parka. Marron. TXL. Neuve:

photo 2

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