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New Pop Up Pâquis space in DOWNTOWN UPTOWN

Now open for business! 32 rue de Monthoux (entrance via @uptowngeneve )

Your local ethical popup in Pâquis – votre espace à Genève pour produits éthique et responsable avec les marques :


Filippa K man@veja

Veja baskets

Nudie JeansPaquis Beach Ts printed on @armedangels



More products coming. …… Also contact us for space & collaboration queries +41 22 364 6256

Stay tuned! and you can already follow us on facebook and instagram @popuppaquis

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Veja Bio sneakers

Veja baskets now in store! 😉  👟

Organic, eco-friendly and socially responsible. See our VEJA page for in store models.


> Did you know….

VEJA tans its leather without chrome !



> Did you know….

Veja’s packaging is made of recycled and recyclable cardboard. The size of the shoe-box was reduced in 2002 to optimize efficiency.



> Did you know…

Veja’s fabrication costs are 3 to 4 times higher than other footwear brands because the trainers and bags are produced with dignity. But Veja’s “no advertising” policy makes it possible to sell trainers at a price which is equal to competitors.


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