DOWNTOWN est une boutique unique à Genève, qui vous propose des vêtements de deuxième main, vintage et modern vintage de marque pour homme. Vous sont également proposé une collection d’articles neufs, dont les fabricants répondent aux critères de responsabilité sociale, du commerce équitable et du respect de l’environnement (responsabilité social des entreprises RSE).

Vous y trouverez aussi des articles originaux Suisse et European-made, ceci afin de promouvoir le commerce local et de minimiser notre empreinte environnementale.

DOWNTOWN is a unique menswear shop in Geneva for second-hand, vintage and modern vintage of luxury & designer brands. We also propose a new collection of menswear where manufacturers meet criteria for corporate social responsibility (CSR)  – socially responsible procedures, environmental responsibility, fair trade, accountability in the supply-chain and not operating sweat-shops.

You will also find original items Swiss and European made, thus promoting local trade and minimising the global footprint.


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3 thoughts on “About”

  1. Hi guys !

    I am gald to have seen your site. I have just set up an online shop in Spain with the same philosophy than Downtown. Although I am starting very humbly and my main purpose is to help those people in Spain that cannot afford buying high-quality, almost-new clothing at the moment …(and believe me a lot of people are in that situation rigtht now), I would love if we could share ideas and see how we can contribute in the long-run to create a European community of second-hand clothing with a purpose. Please, visit my site http://www.secondchanceboutique.es and let´s spread the word !

    Good luck in your new venture !

    Kind regards,


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